Sunday, April 1, 2007

Spyker Spreader Settings for Scott's Fertilizer

I recently upgraded from my Scott's Drop spreader to a Spyker model 64 rotary spreader. I have to say that while I'm sure it is not as nice as the Model 22 with all the fancy accuracy stuff it is still a very nice spreader unto itself. Assembly was easy, took about 30 minutes. I bought mine from Gempler's (, it is listed as an "Economy Spreader" if you search for it, but it is indeed a Spyker and even comes with a cover, which is usually a few dollars extra at other online retailers, plus their cost for the spreader itself was about $20 less than other vendors.

Anyway, on to the settings. I'm an average guy homeowner who lives behind a Home Depot. I live in Houston, Texas, and the popular grass here is St. Augustine. I've read lots about fertilizer, but when it all comes down to it, Scott's works well, is moderately priced, and is available right near my house at the aforementioned Home Depot. So the downside to this combination is that Scott's fertilizer doesn't list the settings for Spyker spreader, so what to do. The spreader came with a manual that has settings for different blends of fertilizer, but of course I can't find anything that matches Scott's. Frustrated, I decided to call Spyker and ask them, if that failed I would call Scott's. Well I just called Spyker (1.800.972.6130) and in a unusual display of First Call Resolution (FCR), the lady that picked up the phone had all the answers I needed at hand. Here are the settings she gave me from her list for the Scott's fertilizer that I use:

Scott's Winterizer: 3.4 (single pass) / 2.8 (two pass)
Scott's Bonus S: 3.6
Scott's Turfbuilder with Summerguard: 3.4
Turfbuilder with Insect Stuff**: 3.2
Scott's Lawn Fungus Control: 4.5

**sometimes called Maxguard/Fire Ant/etc. She said that the insect stuff doesn't affect the fertilizer dispersal rate. This is the setting for plain "TurfBuilder".

*Note: she said any setting on a bag that is listed for a Cyclone spreader will apply to Spyker spreaders since they've made the spreaders for Cyclone for the past century, wow.

Just thought people might want to know, since I couldn't find it anywhere on the web and probably spent way too much time searching the net for this information.


William said...

thanks for sharing the useful information about settings. I use a Cyclone spreader and often can't find their settings. Now I have to look for Spyker.

Anonymous said...

Cyclone was bought by Spyker years ago.